Wednesday, August 27, 2008

September 3rd Reaction

This article is completely right when it says, "It is an understatement to say that the Internet is changing. Trends come and go faster than we can count". Countless changes have occurred from the start of the Internet. What I find funny about this article is how it says by the end of the article, we should appreciate three of the problems of distant communication that the Internet is trying to solve. The three problems noted are reliability, speed and distribution. Reliability and distribution are absolutely a factor, but speed is a touchy subject. When will the Internet ever be fast enough for us humans. For example, personally when I was a kid it took ten minutes maybe more to connect through dial up and now I am connected constantly. This allows me to start it all with a double click on my desktop and poof I am online and ready to browse. Do not get me wrong, I have no problem with the Internet being faster and faster, I just find it funny that this is a problem that we should be aware of.
Interestingly this article only talks about the good of the Internet, how it is great. For example, at one point it mentions how it even knows you better than you know your self by telling you other items you might like. Even talks about some technical things such as packet switching, how in reality you can not block the system because its designed to work around it. My point is why does it not talk about the bad things and the real problems of the Internet. How about all the spam and virus’s out there (some capable of wiping out your entire hard drive), also hackers and even little things like annoying pop up adds. Or even worse, whose hands the Internet is in. For example, anything kind of information could be found on the Internet that could end up in the wrong hands such as maybe how to make a bomb. Type that into Google and see how many sites you get back giving you step by step instructions and even sites with videos too. To me these types of things and much more are the real problems. Instead of worrying how fast we can download a song or picture, worry about whose hands this is ending up in and how things like that can be avoided tracked. It is just silly of us to worry about how fast we can get from one site to another rather then protecting ourselves and maybe even our country.